1. What is the Esri Beta Community?

The Esri Beta Community is a place where GIS users can test Esri software products before they are released to the public. It's a one-stop shop for all activities related to a beta program and provides the ability to see and sign up for new beta programs as they become available.

2. Can I participate in more than one beta program?

Yes, you can participate in more than one of our beta programs. We just ask that you provide feedback for all the programs you choose to participate in.

3. How much time will I spend if I participate in this program?

This depends on the type of program you participate in and how much you enjoy working with new technology. We expect that you will spend 2 to 4 hours each week using the product and completing our evaluations.

During a beta program, we will ask you to complete surveys, task lists, and provide general feedback about the product.  We expect that if you find a bug in the software, you will report it to Esri.

4. How can I submit feedback to Esri for the Beta program?

Beta participants can use the online beta forums and feedback form to provide feedback to Esri.

Customers with valid software maintenance agreements can use existing support channels mediums such as phone, chat and e-mail to log a technical support incident with Esri.

5. How can I see upcoming Beta opportunities?

As new Beta programs become available, they will show up on the beta community home page under "Project Opportunities".  If these are public beta programs, you can sign up to participate as long as you meet the requirements of the program. From time to time you may also be e-mailed about private beta opportunities based on the profile information you submitted.

 6. Why do you collect information about the hardware and software platforms I use?

Esri uses this information to target specific beta products/services to users of those platforms.  For example, if we had a new product that was coming out on the Linux platform, we would want to send invites to all users that had indicated they use Linux.  This helps us provide participants with more relevant betas and test scenarios.