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Survey123 for ArcGIS

Participate in the Survey123 for ArcGIS 2.0 Beta program. This program allows Esri partners and users to gain insight into the early stages of Survey123 for ArcGIS 2.0 design and development. Survey123 for  ArcGIS 2.0 aims to introduce critical features such as survey editing, advanced layout features such as collapsible groups and pagination as well as other minor features and software fixes.  Participation in the program will provide you with an opportunity to share early feedback during the development phase of the product as well as some lead-time to ensure 2.0 will work properly with your existing Survey123 projects.

To participate, you must:
• Accept our NDA (if not already)
• Use the Beta product in a non-production environment
• Be an active participant by providing feedback, submitting bugs, suggesting new features, etc.

Please use the Forums within the Early Adopter Community to communicate all your observations and feedback.

Click below to participate in this opportunity.