ArcGIS Data Reviewer is Esri’s data quality extension for Desktop and Server that automates and streamlines quality control (QC) tasks. It supports rules-based quality control, interactive as well as automated tools, and a way to track and report error information throughout the quality control process. Please note that participation in the tech preview does not require you to have ArcGIS Data Reviewer installed on your computer.

Participate in the Data Reviewer Raster QC tools tech preview to get early access to Esri’s newest Data Reviewer tools for validating raster data. These tools represent a growing series of raster validation capabilities in Data Reviewer, and are intended primarily for checking one-band 32-bit floating point elevation rasters. Using these tools you can identify errors, inconsistencies, or areas of concern where a given elevation raster does not meet data quality requirements. Optionally, results can be stored and managed using Data Reviewer to track and report the progress of work in fixing errors. 

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